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Uranus Mobile Legends: Skill Set and Best Build

Uranus Mobile Legends

Most players select Uranus ML as their hero in Mobile Legends. He is the Celestial Place keeper. That is why he has become an idol recently.

As a tank hero, he has very high regeneration skills. This article helps you to understand the latest guidance of this tank hero. Here are the following.

Uranus Mobile Legends Skill Set

review Uranus Mobile Legends

Similar to other heroes, he also has several skill sets that enable him to beat opponents. Let see what is the skill set that he owns.

Passive Skill: Radiance

Each time he gets the damage, he will automatically activate Radiance. From this passive skill, Uranus Mobile Legends can get HP regeneration. The amount is from 2 to 9 HP per second, and the duration of this skill is 8 seconds.

The first skill here is Ionic Edge. It is leading as his passive skill because players can win the battle by using it.

Using this skill is easy. Uranus will release two energy discs found around his body. Each gives magic damage.

Besides, there is another thing from this skill. It can lessen the bodily energy of the target. It has magic power reducing 15 percent of the physical strength of the opponents.

Additionally, Ionic Edge also gives advantages to Uranus ML. It can lessen movement speed by around 40%. It happens for 2 seconds after the skill is released.

The second skill in this part is the Transcendent Ward. It allows Uranus to create a Shield. Later on, it is useful to absorb the damage to a specific extent.

Moreover, this skill lets him provide additional movement speed. It results in around 10% and is also insusceptible to slow effects.

As a shield, this skill lasts around 4 seconds. Then, it explodes and can be destroyed once the duration ends.

Ultimate: Concentration

Uranus Mobile Legends holds Concentration as part of his Ultimate. It enables him to catch his enemy using an energy stream.

Once he catches his target, the opponents stop moving. Next, he takes damage after their skill duration runs out. As a result, he will get six stacks of Radiance that help him produce additional damage.

Battle Spell And Emblem Set

This tank hero presents players with another skill, called Aegis skill. In Mobile Legends, he often uses this skill. Besides, he also uses others.

Aside from Aegis, he owns Execute skills. It lets him kill opponents without difficulties and promptly. Thus, Uranus ML is one of the idol tank heroes in Mobile Legends.

Uranus owns the emblem that is commonly used too. He applies a Custom Tank Emblem during the battle.

He uses it combined with this Tenacity talent. Here, he can do the defense once his HP is under 40%.

Best Build Emblem

Uranus MLBB best build

Uranus has the best build emblem compared to other heroes. He can use the above build as a reference. However, it needs some requirements.

The build tank must be equal to the enemy strength. Mobile Legends Uranus should have the same power as his target.

Take, for example, the opponents apply many mages. So, Uranus has to increase his magic resistance. In this way, he can block them without difficulties.

Let us see the below best build recommendation for Uranus.

Demon Shoes

This build has become the first recommendation for Uranus. It is perfect for this tank hero because it lets him regenerate Mana.

By using these shoes, he can get 30 points of Mana. Besides, he can get an extra +40 Movement Speed during the game.

Athena’s Shield

Athena’s Shield is also essential for Uranus. It helps a tank hero to get a strong defense. Thus, Uranus ML can defeat his opponents and take damage from his target.

Meanwhile, the opposing target may use Magic Damage. They rely on this damage. If they use it, Uranus had better use Athena’s Shield.

It is the best choice for him. Then, he can get both Magic Resistance and a higher HP.

However, there are few requirements to get this shield. Uranus must purchase it with some amount of HP and Magical Defense. He needs 900 HP, and +62 Magical Defense, including +20 HP Regen.

Moreover, Uranus Best Build needs a unique passive too. He can get this shield with 170-1150 points and in every 30 seconds. As the Mobile Legends are in progress, his shield will be stronger.

Dominance Ice

This gear is another one to be recommended. The reason is that this gear gives more useful functions for developing Uranus Skills. Thus, it is one of the bests that he has to own.

Dominance Ice gives debuffs to the targets. It results in movement speed reduction. Moreover, the attack from this gear can result in a great reduction.

It can lessen the damage given by the opponents. So, it can protect Uranus in Mobile Legends.

Uranus ML must buy this item during the game. Yet, he needs to get +500 Mana and +70 Physical Defense, including + 10% Crit. By using this gear, he can get more chances to reduce Movement Speed.

He can lessen 10% of Movement Speed. Additionally, he can reduce the attack speed up to 30% to the closest target. That is why this build is recommended for him.

Guardian Helmet

The Guardian Helmet is part of Uranus Best Build. It is perfect for his passive skills. It happens because this gear has become uniquely passive. It can regenerate 1.5% of his HP.

Moreover, it can provide him with additional +1550 HP, as well as +100 HP Regen attributes. As a result, Uranus is unbeatable and difficult to kill by the opponents.

Uranus can regenerate 1.5% of Hero Max HP as his unique passive recovery. It allows him to defeat all enemy heroes and increase his regeneration effect. He can gain 0.4% of the regeneration effect.

Meanwhile, the Assist will give the same result too. It helps to increase 0.2% up to up to 3.5%. This increase includes Kill and Assist before your hero purchases the item.

However, the effect will end after 5 seconds. Therefore, Uranus ML must have this gear.


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