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The Best Build for Roger Mobile Legends and More Interesting Facts

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Roger Mobile Legends is a unique hero who takes two roles in this game. Having roles as both a fighter and marksman, Roger can inflict impressive damage while being very durable. However, that is not the only reason why so many Mobile Legends players love this character.

One of the most interesting facts about Roger is the fact that he can turn into a wolf. In his wolf form, his attacks turn to melee, which turns back into ranged whenever he becomes a human again. Roger also has an impressive Burst Damage that can help you defeat many enemies in the game.

On top of all of his unique characteristics, Roger also has great mobility. Although he might not be the most popular character in the ranked mode, he still has so many things to offer. To help you understand how incredible Roger is, we are going to tell you all you need to know about his skills and best build.

What Skills does Roger Have?

Roger MLBB

Before we talk about Roger Mobile Legends build, let’s talk about the basics first. While using any hero in Mobile Legends, you need to know exactly what skills they have to offer. That way, you will be able to optimally use your character to win any fight in this game.

Roger has a unique set of skills that can be very helpful if you know how to use them. Here is a full description of what his skills are.

  • Full Moon Curse. As Roger’s passive skill, Full Moon Course gives Roger’s basic attack a slow effect of as much as 10%. However, this only applies when Roger is in his human form. In his wolf form, Roger’s basic attack gains additional damage as much as 5% from the enemy’s Health Points.
  • Open Fire. Roger’s first skill as a human allows him to shoot twice. This skill will inflict an impressive 300 damage with the additional 120% from his Total Physical ATK. The first shot gives a slow effect while the second shot will reduce the enemy’s defense.
  • Lycan Pounce. Roger’s first skill as a wolf allows him to jump toward his target, inflicting a 300 physical damage with the additional 120% from his Total Physical ATK. Gaining kill and assist as Roger will reduce the cooldown of this skill by as much as 80%.
  • Hunters Step. His second skill as a human will help him improve his Movement Speed by as much as 40% for as long as 2.5 seconds.
  • Bloodthirsty Howl. His second skill as a wolf will increase Roger’s ATK Speed by 15% for as long as 5 seconds while also increasing his Movement Speed by 40%.
  • Wolf Transformation. This is Roger’s ultimate skill as a human, allowing him to turn into a wolf. Roger will be able to inflict 200 Physical DMG with the addition of 100% from his Total Physical ATK.
  • Restore Human Form. Roger MLBB can turn back into a human with the help of his ultimate skill as a wolf. As a human, he has a shield that can absorb 200 damage with the addition of 200% Physical ATK for as long as 1.5 seconds.

What is Roger’s Skill Combo?

Roger ML

The next thing that we are going to talk about Roger Mobile Legends is his skill combo. As you already know, Roger has a total of seven skills that you can use. Although having seven skills is impressive, it also makes him quite difficult to master. However, there are a few incredible combo skills that you can do if you ever decide to play using Roger in Mobile Legends.

The first thing you need to do is to approach the target using the Hunters Step skill. After that, use the Open Fire skill to give your target the slow effect. Once you have done those things, you can use the Wolf Transformation skill to turn into a wolf. You can keep doing this combo to ensure your enemy’s defeat.

What is Roger’s Best Build?

Roger Mobile Legends

Besides mastering the basics about Mobile Legends Roger, you also need to know the best item to build for him. Roger needs a proper build if he wants to be a reliable fighter and marksman. With the proper build, Roger can have impressive damage that can help him destroy any enemy that comes his way.

  • Tough Boots. The first item you need to have is Tough Boots, which will give you 22 points of Magic DEF and 40 points of Movement Speed. This item can also reduce 30% crowd control duration.
  • Windtalker. This item will increase Roger’s ATK Speed and CRIT Chance.
  • War Axe. War Axe will also give him an impressive attack while reducing the cooldown of his skills. Therefore, Roger will be able to use his skills more often.
  • Endless Battle. This life-steal item is very suitable for Roger because it can help Roger get True DMG after using any skill.
  • Brute Force Breastplate. Other than increasing his defense and Health Points, Brute Force Breastplate also increases Roger’s Movement SPD every time he uses his skills and basic attack.
  • Demon Hunter Sword. The last item on our list is Demon Hunter Sword, which will decrease his enemy’s Physical DEF. Aside from that, Roger will also gain additional ATK Speed.

If you use all of the items above for Roger, he will be able to become quite a notable hero in Mobile Legends, Of course, he will be way cooler if you use a badass Roger Mobile Legends skin. It will also help you intimidate all of your enemies.

One thing you need to know about Roger is the fact that he has high mobility. This means that he can escape from the enemies quite easily by using his skills. Considering this fact, Battle Spell Retribution is also a perfect item for him to use. It will help Roger tremendously when it comes to earning Gold and EXP.

In conclusion, Roger is a very impressive fighter and marksman. His ability to turn into a wolf becomes one of the unique features that this hero has. With the right knowledge and build, Roger Mobile Legends can become one of the best characters to play in Mobile Legends.


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