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Klee Genshin Impact Guide

Klee Genshin Impact

When you are looking for the explosive expert among the residents of Genshin Impact game, Klee must be the answer you want. Klee Genshin Impact is a young and outgoing girl. She loves to spend time with other knights but she loves to learn various new things from Albedo the most. However, she blows things up very often. That is why she was sent to time out pretty often as well. How can you use her ability properly?

Klee Best Build

guide to play Klee

What is the best build for Klee in Genshin Impact? You can use her as a DPS character because of her super strong charged attack. She can make explosions that will knock back the enemies. Because of her ability, she might have to deal with massive damage often. That is why you need to pair her up with a Support character with healing and shielding ability.

Klee Skills

To understand more about the reason why Klee in Genshin Impact can be used as a DPS character, you have to know her skills. Kaboom! is one of her active skills. With this skill, she can perform up to three attacks. It will be useful for dealing with AoE pyro damage. Another Kaboom! while charging will deal with the AoE Pyro damage. The last Kaboom! while plunging will make her deal with AoE pyro damage upon impact with the land.

Jumpy Dumpty is also included in Klee genshin impact skills. The effect of this skill is the Jumpy Dumpty that bounces around for dealing with AoE Pyro damage. On the third bounce, it will explode into mines. The last active skill is Sparks ‘n Splash. With this skill, she will summon the word over and over again for dealing with AoE pyro damage.

Besides the passive skills, Klee also has some passive skills. The first one is All of My Treasures! which will be automatically unlocked. With this passive skill, she can display the nearby Monstadt resource’s location on the mini-map.

Pounding Surprise is a passive skill that will be unlocked at ascension one. With this skill, the opportunity of a normal attack and Jumpy Dumpty to get an explosive spark will increase to 50%. It means that the damage will increase to 50% as well.

After reaching ascension four, Klee will obtain Sparkling Burst passive skill automatically. With this new unlocked skill, party members will collect two elemental energies when their charged attack gives critical hits.

Klee Weapons

Klee Character Genshin Impact

Now you are convinced that Klee Genshin Impact can be a great DPS character because of her active and passive skills. Of course, Klee needs the right weapon to improve her performance. The right weapons for her must be able to provide an elemental damage bonus. It must also be great if the weapon can increase the damage caused by her elemental burst and skill.

In this circumstance, the first weapon that can meet her skill properly is Skyward Atlas. With this weapon, her elemental damage can increase by 12%. When performing normal attacks, she will get a 50% chance to get the cloud’s favor. The clouds will look for nearby enemies that will be attacked for 15 seconds to deal 160% damage of the attack. However, this effect can only be performed once every 30 seconds.

The next weapon to be used by Klee is Solar Pearl. This weapon allows her to increase her elemental burst and elemental skill damage by 20% during normal attacks. This effect can be experienced for six seconds. 

Klee Artifacts

Do not forget about artifacts when talking about the Kleen genshin impact build. The best artifacts for Klee can be found from the right set of the Crimson Witch of Flames. If you only have a set of two Crimson Witch of Flames, it will lead to a 15% pyro damage bonus.

A much better effect can be found if you have a set of four Crimson Witch of Flames. The burning and overloaded damage made by Klee will be increased by 40%. Her melt and vaporize damage will be increased by 15% with this set. If she uses elemental skills, the two pieces set effect will be increased by 50% for ten seconds. Remember, you can only use a maximum of three stacks.

Another artifact that is beneficial for Klee is the Gladiator’s Finale. With a set of two items, you can increase her attack by 18%.

You might find it hard to get a Crimson Witch of Flames set although it will be the best artifact for Klee. You can boost a general attack by combining two Crimson Witch of Flames and two Gladiator’s Finale.

What if you cannot find Gladiator’s Finale or Crimson Witch of Flames? There is no need to worry because you can also use this alternative artifact set called Resolution of Sojourner. With two items, her attack will be increased by 18%. If you have four items, the charged attack critical rate will be increased by 30%.

Klee Constellations


You will also need the right constellation to boost her move power. The constellation can be leveled up anytime you get a duplicate Klee when making a wish.

The first great constellation is the Chained Reaction. With this constellation, Klee’s skills and attacks will get the opportunity to summon a park that can give better damage than Sparks n’ Splash.

The Explosive Frags is the next suitable constellation for Klee. This constellation will make the enemy defense decrease by 23% for 10 seconds after being hit by Jumpy Dumpty’s mines.

The Exquisite Compound constellation will increase the Jumpy Dumpty level by three. Meanwhile, the Nova Burst constellation will increase the Sparks ‘n Splash level by three.

Another great constellation to use is called Sparkly Explosion. When using Sparks ‘n Splash, Klee will leave the field to trigger an explosion that deals 555% of the attack as AoE pyro damage.

Last but not least, you can also use the Blazing Delight constellation for Klee. This constellation will allow other party members to regenerate their energies continuously when Sparks ‘n Splash effect is still going on. When Klee Genshin Impact uses this skill, a 10% pyro damage bonus will be gained by the party for 25 seconds.


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