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Kaja Mobile Legends Guide

Guide to use Kaja Mobile Legends

Kaja Mobile Legends is considered a Fighter or Support hero in this game. Just like any other Fighter hero, Kaja has a high durability level. He also has massive base defense and base HP. That is why he can hold big damage without using any defense item.

Kaja also has a high ability effect that will give huge damage and annoying crowd control to the enemies with his skills. Of course, you should understand more about this hero to make the most use of this hero when playing your game.

Kaja Advantages

Kaja ML

Several good points can be found in this hero. With his dash skill, he can move speedily. More importantly, his basic movement speed is originally quite fast as well. That is why he can do roaming effortlessly.

He also has deadly crowd control that allows him to counter almost all enemies. All he needs to do is combine his skills to counter enemy heroes.

It is pretty easy as well to play this hero because of his simple skill mechanism. He only has three active skills anyway. To make sure that you can lock the target correctly, you need to find the right timing to use those skills.

With the combination of good defense and huge damage, he can be a powerful player even during the early game. He can be aggressive as soon as the game starts.

Kaja Disadvantages

Of course, you also need to know the disadvantages of Mobile Legends Kaja. He can kidnap but this ability can only be performed with Kaja ultimate. If he kidnaps the wrong target, the whole game will be affected badly. You can lose easily because of a wrong kidnapping case. That is why when using Kaja for kidnapping, it must be done correctly by targeting the enemies’ core.

When using this hero for kidnapping, the right timing and high accuracy will be very important. When countering enemies’ heroes, for instance, you have to make sure that the right hero is kidnapped by Kaja. You should target enemies’ support, Marksman, or Mage.

Kaja Skills

Let’s find out more about Kaja Mobile Legends skills. He has a passive skill called Wrath Sanction. It is useful for increasing the basic attack damage after six seconds. It will give magic damage with an additional 4% of target max HP.

Ring of Order becomes Skill 1 of this hero. It can give magic damage AoE to the enemies that can be reached by his attack. As a result, the damaged enemies will move slowly for a second. This skill can also make his passive cooldown faster for a second.

His Skill 2 is the Lightning Bomb that is used for getting away and giving magic damage to the enemies. This skill will lead him to move in a determined direction. He will also leave three Lightning Bomb along his way. If the Lightning Bomb reaches the enemies, they will get a magic damage effect.

Kaja also has Divine Judgment as his Skill 3. This skill can be used for kidnapping one hero from his enemies. He can also give magic damage and reduce the magic defense of his enemies by 10. The enemy will be tied for 1.5 seconds. This time will be useful for killing a hero core. Kaja will also absorb two times the kidnapped enemy.

Kaja Builds


Several items can be the best build Kaja Mobile Legends. The very first one must be the Arcane Boots. Kaja as a hero with great magic damage must wear the boots. It will be useful during the early game.

Kaja will also find a great benefit from Calamity Reaper. It can give a passive effect to add the true damage by 120% from the magic power for three seconds. With this item, he can also get 1.5 seconds of cooldown after releasing skills. It will also add movement speed by 10% in no time. That is why this build item is a must for this hero.

Every mage hero including Kaja will need Holy Crystal. It is useful to add a magic attack by 21-35% based on the hero’s level. This hero must have this build item because it can also give additional 100 magic power. He can also have huge magic damage from the passive effect of this build item.

Next, Kaja must also have the Feather of Heaven as a build item. This item will let the hero give a 40% magic attack when performing a basic attack. The enemies will experience magic damage, in this circumstance. Kaja can do an elemental burst toward his enemy with this must-have build item.

Fleeting Time is another essential build item for Kaja since it can give +70 magic power and +10 cooldown reduction as attribution. This item also has a passive skill that reduces his cooldown skill ultimate by 35% with assist or kills.

Last but not least, Kaja will also need a defense item called Immortality. This item is necessary because this hero has to go forward and kidnap the core hero of the enemies. He will get additional attributes including +800 Ho and +40 magic resistance with this build item.

Kaja Emblems and Battle Spells

Guide to use Kaja Mobile Legends

Is there any suitable emblem for Kaja? Mage emblem will be the most suitable emblem for this hero as a mage hero in the mid lane. It comes with the Magic Worship battle effect that will be combined with Agility and Contract.

It means that Kaja can give increased damage and cause the burn-in effect to the enemies when using this emblem. You will find a great benefit of this emblem when joining a team fight while recharging the lost HP due to the damage caused by the enemies.

You can also use battle spells when using Kaja as your hero. The first spell is Flicker Battle Spell that can be used when running away right when the enemies Support, Mage, or Marksman capture you. It is useful for playing safe, after all.

The next recommended spell to use is the Flameshot battle spell. This spell will give Kaja a chance to kill enemies. With this spell, enemies will move slowly. With more items owned by this hero along with this spell, the damage will be increased greatly as well. You should consider those emblems and battle spells when using Kaja Mobile Legends.


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