Norman Ball Walks 8,000 Miles Taking Microhydrin

I am grateful for the improvement in my physical health since starting the RBC products. I am quite certain that my biological age is indeed reversing as I continue my nutritional regimen recommended by many of the experts at RBC and those distributors with significant experience in alternative health practices.

My daily regimen begins with HydraCel® charged water with Artichoke NanoClusters and FirstFood™. One hour later I have a ‘green’ drink (Phyto-Power™) that I mix with orange juice, and Microhydrin . With that I take Microhydrin, MSM™, I.Q.™, Spirulina, ExtaCEE™, OPC Plus, Aloemannan™, and Digestion Formula. I replace breakfast and lunch with 2 pounds of fruit and Protivity™ and eat a sensible supper with the supplement regimen again. I take Over 30™ at night before bed with Microhydrin and MSM.

The results I have experienced have been quite dramatic. My stomach and digestive tract have responded well. As I am walking approximately 20 miles per day on the Walk of Hope, I have noticed the incredibly fast recovery time overnight. I have also experienced a dramatic increase in lean muscle, weight loss, strength and stamina. I feel better than I have in 20 years. I just completed a marathon walk from Portage la Prairie to Winnipeg, Manitoba. I completed this walk of 99 kilometers (62 miles) in 24 hours.

I know this product line will change and improve lives, and I believe that people are much more concerned with their physical well-being than in times past. This may be the best possible time to be involved with the nutrition industry. To have the opportunity to access breakthrough health products like these is awesome.

Thank you for bringing these life enhancing and energy producing products to the market.

– Norman Ball