Taking 2 Microhydrin Daily Enhanced the Antioxidant Potential of Diets Rich in Natural Antioxidants



Modern medicine says that the formation of free radicals and other molecules are at the origin of oxidative stress, which is very important in the genesis of civilization's illnesses. These intermediary toxic metabolites (ITM) intervene at the very heart of an impressive number of biological and pathological processes. Growing old, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, the cancers and the inflammatory diseases are but a few well-known examples.

The link between the ITM's and the antioxidants was quickly observed, thus fueling the laboratories interest in products having such actions.


A study was conducted on a total of 40 male and female subjects between the ages of 30 and 50 years. Blood, urine and saliva were analyzed using the Vincent Bioelectric Test, which measures alkaline-acidic potential or pH, the oxide-reduction potential or rH2 and the conductivity-resistivity potential. Measures of Total Antioxidant Function (Spectra-cell Laboratories Inc.) were also performed randomly on test samples. Subjects were healthy, not taking any other supplements or medications and took either a diet poor in CAOR (Capacity of Absorption of Oxygenated Radicals) index or a diet having a good CAOR index, with or without 2 Microhydrin or placebo (rice flour). The experiment lasted 8 weeks, with a rotation after 4 weeks.


The results showed that subjects taking Microhydrin along with a diet rich in antioxidants had the highest level of oxidative stress protection as compared to when they took only a diet rich in antioxidants.

The investigator concluded that the preliminary study suggests that Microhydrin plays a major role as a co-factor, which augments the antioxidant action of dietary origin.

This research was supported in part by Laboratoire d'évaluation des indices de santé Inc. and Royal BodyCare Inc. and was conducted under the direction of Jean-Claude Magny N.D., M.Sc., DESS scientist in charge of the Centre de Recherche et d'Eductation Orthobiologiques.